It’s All In My Head

I have said I will always try to be honest with you. That means the bad as well as the good right? Well today the anxiety has got the better of me.

I’ve been researching other people like me, looking at other blogs, and the fear has risen like bile in my throat. The walls are closing in and I can’t breathe. A combination of overwhelming pressure that I always seems to put on myself, and Facebook not even publishing my WordPress posts on my fans newsfeeds (it’s sooo disheartening when you’ve worked so hard on an article for no one to even being able to see it!), it’s just feeling a bit like an uphill struggle. I can’t do this… what am I thinking? I am no one.

I know this isn’t reality, I know the anxious mind has just taken over in a moment of vulnerability. So maybe it’s time to put down the laptop for the day and take care of myself for an afternoon. To not think. To just let things be. To let go. The World and my blog will still be here tomorrow.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back to being the high spirited and happy person you all know and love before long.

Dani xx

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