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Making money by making difference is something we all want, but I really struggle with because my perception of money is so negative. So I’ve signed up to this free video guide about The 6 Pillars To Growing Your Online Business by Marie Forleo, the founder of B-School, and thought I’d share it with my readers. She’s an inspiration to me because her life is helping other people find out and do what they really love.

I would love to one day be able to help people realise their dreams, but I also want to be able help people who struggle with anxiety and other mental health issues at the same time. I’m not quite sure how to do that just yet but I’m sure my journey will become clearer in time.

One thing is clear to me. If I want to continue to help people full-time, I will need to resolve and change my perception of earning money in a way that doesn’t corrupt the integrity of my objectives.

2 thoughts on “Marie Forleo – Free Video Guides

  1. I understand your feeling on the negative perception of money, and I also agree that it is even more touchy when mixed with subject of helping people cope and grow. How ever, I do think that it can be done in a genuine way. I would love to talk to you in greater detail about my ideas on this. Here is a small thought on the negative perception aspect though,

    Yesterday was my second appointment with my therapist. A bit of background on him. He is a Clinical Licensed Master Social Worker. In the US, that position would be in the lower middle of the ranks for fees as far as the cost per hour goes to see a therapist.
    At the end of our session last night, I asked him the question, ” Why do you do this kind of work?” He smiled and said, ” Because it is not work”, and went on to tell me a bit about why he is a social worker. I guess the point I am making, is he could have aspired to be a psychiatrist, or psychologist, or anything else at any level. He chose to become a Social worker, because as he told me, ” His life was positively effected by the work of a social worker , that he felt that was the path he needed to take.

    Knowing that he is in his profession because he loves doing it, and because he is personally connected to the difference he is making in peoples lives makes the relationship very genuine.
    Of course, he is making a living, charging a fee, but the nature that he is doing it in is one of helping people in a way that he truly cares about and has a passion for.

    In all honesty, I would love to have my therapy sessions be free of charge, but I will also tell you, I don’t mind paying him one bit. i feel good making the payment, good knowing that i am receiving the help i need, and knowing that I am paying someone who has a true passion for the work he is doing.

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