Are You With The Right Person?

As it is Valentine’s Day, I thought I would reblog this post. Dedicated to my fiancé and all other couples.

The Unmarked Road

Today in 5 months I marry my best friend and soul mate to become Mrs Jackson! I am so excited and happy. I still can’t believe my luck that I have found my perfect match, a piece of the puzzle of my life that fits perfectly, joining our two pictures together.

I have had my share of unsuccessful relationships. Always intense, always serious and ultimately when they ended it was messy, painful and life changing. But I don’t believe that people are bad. I just believe in bad fits, and in weaknesses that don’t match strengths. I’ve been cheated on, treated like I wasn’t a priority and had my heart-broken. Am I bitter? Absolutely not!

None of the men I was with before were right for me, just as I wasn’t right for them.

Mr Jackson

I sometimes wish I knew then what I know now – that relationships shouldn’t be that hard. That’s not…

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