#Twitter #Twit

Anyone else find twitter really hard to work? I get Facebook, I enjoy it and obviously love blogging. But Twitter…I just can’t get to grips with it – there just seems to be too many tweets and unless you’re constantly looking at the news feed, you’ll miss stuff. So what hope do my tweets really have? And don’t even talk to me about Instagram.

I get that these are meant to drive traffic to my site and of course my blog is linked to Twitter. I just don’t really see their value. I know saying that is sacrilege to the online world but I find myself slacking with Twitter because of this feeling. Anyone else have this issue?

3 thoughts on “#Twitter #Twit

  1. I couldn’t twitter, if I tried, twit, twit, twit, … OK, I don’t get Twitter either and strangely enough my world hasn’t collapsed without it. It didn’t even show a blip on the radar when I went off-Facebook for 3 months. In fact it felt great (but don’t tell anyone). So basically, don’t worry, if what you have to say is important and it it! it will get around. God, Allah, Madonna, Mickey Mouse, or whoever you believe (I go with 1 and 2) will make sure it does.


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