Asking For Help – Why Do I Find It So Hard?

I really don’t make things easy for myself. Not only do I take on far too much (starting a new business whilst planning a wedding and planning a 3 months travelling excursion as our honeymoon – all in 6 months) I then don’t ask for help! I sometimes have to remind myself that there are two people getting married and that fiancé is perfectly capable of handling some of the less intricate details of our wedding.

But no, I can’t seem to allow that. I must have full control of all that is going on in my life so that I can make sure it’s exactly as I want it. It was the same when I used to work in an office. I would try to complete all tasks by myself instead of delegating them out. That way I knew exactly where I was with what and I couldn’t get blind-sided.

I guess you would call me a control freak? But honestly I’m not! My maid of honour (MOH) is planning my hen-do completely without my input and I’m loving it! I’m completely unstressed about it and am looking forward to it so much! I have 100% trust in her – I guess that’s why I picked her 🙂

So it appears that where I have control, I must have it fully. All or nothing. Well that’s new for me…not! I get over-whelmed by all there is to do and I have no one to blame but myself! Anyone else find they have this problem?

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