My Greatest Fear

My greatest fear is that I am not good enough and that I will be sitting here in July without having achieved anything. It’s not rational, I know.

Why July? Well in July various things happen:

  • I get married
  • I go travelling for 3 months
  • It will have been 6 months since I lost a paying job

When I began this journey into seeing if I could be the master of my own destiny, to design my life the way I wanted, I had in mind a 6 months time frame due to the reasons listed above. As July draws closer, my confidence is dwindling more and more. I feel more lost than when I started asย I feel the pressure of the situation has clouded everything.

I took some time out this weekend with my sister and did my best to switch off from my biggest obstacleย – my emotions. I’m still unsure of how to move forward, but the fog is starting to clear as I emerge from the deceptionย of my anxious mind.

I hope you all had a good weekend and that this week starts off well for you.

Dani xx

18 thoughts on “My Greatest Fear

  1. You get married and then you travel for 3 months. That sounds exciting and is making me think back to my favorite modern author, Bill Bryson, who has published more of his travel narratives than he has anything else. That would probably be a nice thing to read from you, Dani. I hope you are and continue to be well. xx

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  2. How do yo measure achievement? I think that is the important question. Your blog has had a great impact on a lot of people, so that’s a great achievement right from the start. If you limit achievement to only how much you have earned or how many people (in numbers) are reading your blog, you are minimising your own base of abilities. You lost your job 6 months before you are getting married which gave you time to start the blog, start writing your book and preparing for the wedding. After THE day, you are going on honeymoon and then you will travel to see whether your idea of emigrating is as good as you hope it will be. You have only taken the first step of your journey and you are panicking already? Don’t! You don’t know how long your unmarked road is, so keep on walking because I can tell you from my own life experience: it will take you to places you never thought of, you will meet people you could never have imagined, and you will experience things that will leave you amazed and show you the world in a different way. ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t be despondent. Look forward to your adventure!


  3. I think there’s some strength in recognizing fears, both rational and irrational. Sometimes stepping away helps so it’s good you took some time out this weekend. I’ve definitely struggled with the fear that I will never find my path in my life even though I know everything will work out, as it will for you ๐Ÿ™‚


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