Please Help My Friend Achieve His Dream!

Morning all! I am huge advocate of helping people turn their passions into real life earning potential and massively respect those who take the risk of achieving their dreams. On this note, please let me introduce to you my friend Anthony, a very talented film-maker.

I met Anthony 10 years ago at uni and we have been friends ever since. I have watched his passion and drive develop as he has unwaveringly followed his heart into doing what he loves. Making movies. It has been a great inspiration to witness. He is currently in the midst of creating his new film, On The Run and needs your help! Here he tells us a bit more about his dream:


I don’t think there is any circumstance where achieving your dreams is easy. I am trying to complete my 2nd feature-length movie on a nothing budget. It sounds impossible, and looking back at making our first film, it was. I had to ask friends to act for the first time for free, cover them in fake blood, make them speak with dodgy accents, borrow their houses/apartments, and utilise every single piece of resource I could think of.

After the first film, I initially didn’t want to do another, but then it’s a passion, so inevitably you come back to it! Financing this dream/hobby/project/fiasco is probably the most tricky part, as the better and more professional you become at film making, the more it all seems to cost.

I read Dani’s post on asking others for help and the initial difficulty in doing so, and this is particularly true when it comes to raising money. I tried an indiegogo campaign a few months back – aside from a couple of donations from close friends and family members, it failed. It’s because I didn’t really want to ask people to just donate money to my project. It felt uncomfortable. Even though I’ve donated to people for their marathons, bakeathons and their various charities/causes on countless occasions, it still didn’t feel right because the money was for my project. Even though I believe it will do some good if the right people watch it, it’s still not as easy as asking for a charity case. So aside from a couple of timid Facebook posts, I didn’t really promote the page to friends very much, and my pride was the campaigns downfall.

BUT asking is good and much healthier than you might think – you swallow that little bit of pride that never helped you much anyway – and you take that step, you reach out; asking isn’t begging, and of course if you don’t ask, you don’t get! So round 2, and I’m about 10x more in need for financial backing to finish this film than I was the first time round. It’s pretty much drained my savings and after trying government film funding schemes like creativeEngland and failing to get funding, I’m back on indiegogo. So I thought “what can I do to make me feel less guilty about putting ANOTHER campaign up and asking again?”

My answer was to be generous. Give the film away cheaply, and then people are getting something out of it – more than their money’s worth perhaps, and the people who can might give more than the minimum. Going for the low margins high volume “business model”. So I’ve messaged just about everyone with the deal of a lifetime (!) and seems to be working so far, or at least better than last time.

You need to ask for help. That’s what friends are for – to help you when you need it and visa-versa.

Thank you for reading. I would ask anyone who reads this and found it useful, to help me finish my film and complete this journey, and good luck to you all on your ambitions.

For more information please visit the links within the post and if you’re interested in following Anthony’s film’s progress you can visit the campaign on Facebook too!

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