Don’t Put It Off!

Yay it’s Friday! – The ‘everything can now wait until Monday day’. Don’t lie, you were thinking it. That’s what makes Friday’s so awesome right? It’s almost a semi-day off.

I’m definitely guilty of feeling like this. Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon is my favourite time of the week. It’s the only time I have, where I feel completely free. No poison of Monday, no anxiety over what I haven’t achieved in the previous week.

I certainly don’t think I’m alone in this. There’s something about Friday’s that is hopefully and exciting, almost magical. Monday feels like forever away and the weekend brings time to do anything we want! Who cares about all the things we left to do for Monday.

But how much better would your Monday be if you started something today that otherwise would have been playing on your mind all weekend?

6 thoughts on “Don’t Put It Off!

  1. I think I’ve been procrastinating for years…Monday has little to do with it…lol

    I really do need to get off my can and do something about my life. 🙂


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