Please Note…

As part of a review of my long-term objectives and what I ultimately want to achieve with my site, part of me feels that there is a quality/quantity issue with some of my posts.

I’m not using my blog in the same way some bloggers do; as another form of social media with status updates. There’s nothing wrong with doing that, but it’s not what I want my site to be about. I want to write informative and quality articles, and I simply can’t do that every day. So expect to see a little less daily ‘update’ posts and more informative ones a couple of days a week.

If you can’t go a day without hearing about my life (because it’s that awesome) please do feel free to follow me on my Facebook page or Twitter. It will be on those sites that I will publish things such as meditations I’m following or books I’m reading.

Thank you for your continued support and hope to not lose any of you through this change, but I understand if it’s not going int he direction you are interested in.

Dani xx

9 thoughts on “Please Note…

  1. I always adhere to “just write.” There is no quality vs quantity. People say that a lot to “other” bloggers to try and make them feel badly because they can’t churn out the same amount of posts. That doesn’t make your writing less. We are here, on this blogging platform, to motivate ourselves to get better at writing. How do you do that? By writing and writing and writing. Even when it is crap or not worth mentioning, we write to improve. Just keep going at it. It sounds like you have the motivation and the attitude, just do what feels right. -OM

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    • Thanks for the comment and the compliment OM :). I so admire people who are able to keep to such consistency of writing more than once a day and not lose the quality, in terms of connecting with what you’re writing and therefore the audience. I myself find it difficult as it can spark up my anxiety for some reason. I prefer writing the much longer articles once every few days (they tend to take a while too), rather than the shorter ones multiple times a day. Or maybe I’m just excusing myself again hehe… In a way I’ll still be doing multiple posts, just on my social media pages (which btw, thank you for liking). You might think (and rightfully so) “well if you are writing multiple status’ a day, surely you can do so on your blog” but somehow those status updates don’t feel good enough for the blog. Maybe I need to work on my perception, rather than my method, but I guess being a bit of a newbie, I’m still finding my way! Hope you have a great day xx


  2. That is so true – I’m still working on my own blog posts (really just a journal for now). But hate FB and all of the new rules, the way you can’t links you’ve liked, etc. The only thing I initially found FB useful for was catching up with SOME old friends (HS) and also seeing other great stores/locations from others. But now, that is almost impossible.
    You’ve got a great blog – I’m happy to see any posts you make.

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    • Aw thank you Laura, that’s such a wonderful thing to say! My face looks like this right now 😀 xx And yes, Facebook makes it very difficult now. Even my followers don’t get to see the posts unless I pay Facebook to promote! xx


    • I think it’s great that blogs can be used for so many different things, and I certainly enjoy those who have daily little snippets and updates! I tried it for a bit and found the quality of my writing was suffering, so am going back to what I think I do best. Thank you for commenting and for the offer to reblog! I hope I write things worthy of re-blogging 🙂 xx

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