I Need Your Help!! – Poll

I would really appreciate your opinion on this!!

I have mentioned previously that I have started writing three books. However I need to start concentrating on just one! But pretty much on a daily basis I change my mind on which would be best as a debut novel.

And so I have decided to put this conundrum to my readers. I would massively appreciate your feedback on this!

Thank you in advance 🙂

11 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!! – Poll

  1. Dani, as I am sure you know. It does not matter which one of the three as long as the writing is high quality, engaging, fun, stylistic or whatever else makes a good book a good book 🙂 If it is good, all three will find readers. That said, trust yourself to find the answer because it is the right answer even if it is the wrong answer. I know…I’m damn irritating aren’t I? LOL

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    • That’s true and yes you are because I know you’re right haha! I was sort of hoping the poll was going to be the universes way of telling me something 😀 xx


    • Hehe good question Elle! I honestly change my mind daily. The ones that’s currently winning though, was not the one I thought would be the most popular, and actually intimidates me the most! I’ll be writing all three eventually. Thank you for voting 🙂 xx


    • Hehe thank you for the vote! Don’t worry, all will be written, I just need to try and finish at least one first! It’s really nice to know though that all would be of interest 🙂 xx


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