I’m Sorry For Being So Rubbish! – Awards and Nominations

Edit: I made a mistake! I’ve only been nominated for 1 Liebster! I promise this is a genuine error (I even started writing the blog referencing it weeks ago!) The person who didn’t nominate and is still awesome, would have been a blog I’d nominated so I’m not going to change the post but urge everyone to check all blogs referenced in this post! Thank you 😀 

Let me explain…

I have been nominated for three awards. Two Liebster Awards, one by the awesome Karin who’s blog, Spiritual Awakening you need to visit for some really cool insights, and the other by AnneMarie who’s blog Annemarie and Life is a real fun and uplifting read!

Then I was nominated for a Daydreamer Award by the gorgeous Janet, or The Storyteller as her blog is called. Again I urge you to pay her a visit 🙂

Firstly I want to apologise to the there of you for it taking me so long to respond to these, but please be assured I am very honoured! One reason was that I couldn’t figure out how to tell who’s got below a certain number of followers in order to nominate them and I got fed up.

But from what I understand these awards are meant to bring awareness of other blogs, so I have decided to do my own little nominations of ‘Blogs I think Are Awesome’. It’s not just the blogs that are awesome. These are people with whom I interact often, and many have been with me from very early on. Thank you for your loyalty.

I want to thank all those I’ve who have taken the time to not just read but comment on my posts. I’m incredibly grateful. I wish I could nominate all of you!

I have linked to each their about page so please do have a look!


The Twenty-Something Social Recluse

Emotional Luggage

Recklessly Discreet

Just Some Twenty-Something Rambles 

Curley Mania

Belief Patrol

The Journey Of Ki

Human Interest

A Little Bit Anxious

Transitions In My Life

Happy Tuesday my friends 🙂

Dani xx

21 thoughts on “I’m Sorry For Being So Rubbish! – Awards and Nominations

  1. Thank you so much Dani, such a lovely gesture and it really made me smile. I even rang my boyfriend to tell him! I love your blog and your positivity, and I hope that you continue to enjoy mine through our weird and anxious journey! 🙂

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  2. This totally made my day! Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads what I write… This put a smile on my face! And your blog is great, one of my favourites to check out when I come onlin 🙂 Thank you for mentioning me! Now to check out these other awesome blogs. Thank you again! xx

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  3. Dani, congratulations to your many awards.
    Thanks for mentioning my name here, but I did not nominate you for any award, because I do not participate in the award games myself.
    I mean I would have nominated you if I would receive awards. But that is not the case , and the second nomination must have been from someone else
    who probably would like to be mentioned here.
    You do have a lovely blog.
    Thanks for mentioning all the other great blogs. I’ll have a look at them.
    Have a great day!

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    • Wow this is embarrassing!! Well you would certainly have been a nominated blog if I hadn’t mentioned you in the post already! Thank you for letting me know! Hope you’re having an awesome day 😀 xx

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      • I hope you found out who nominated you.
        Actually, I got an award once. But then I saw what hassle is connected to that. Nominate 15 blogs and so on. So, I said, “No, Thank you”.
        Then I added a ‘No awards’ line to my about page.
        If I had accepted the award, I would certainly nominate you since I like your blog.
        Have a wonderful day!

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