The 3 Minute Memoirs – April Fool’s Day And Anxiety

Happy April Fools’ Day lovely people! Please excuse my sedated state in this video! I shall be back to my normal bubbly self in no time, promise 😀 xx

3 thoughts on “The 3 Minute Memoirs – April Fool’s Day And Anxiety

  1. Yesterday was a real emotionally wear down type of day. a lot of emotional stuff going on. there is domestic violence going on in my house. last week one of my sister’s was verbally attacking me when i was ill i said something back to her she was trying to get in my room to hit me or do what ever violent thing she had planned on. she cut up my dads arms from her finger nails and pushed my mom as they tried to restrain her from getting to me. i told my dr this and told me he wanted me to move out. its not a realistic option and just an excuse for him not to do any work. i shouldn’t be the one moving out i am not committing crimes in beating up eldery people. so i told my dad what i told my dr about my sister and him wanting me to move out. i told my dr what my dad said in response to what he said and gave my dr permission to speak with my dad. my dad thinks moving out is not realistic and he thinks he can control my sisters episodes or limit them. i’ll leave it up to my dr and dad to talk about my jane. maybe my dr can come up with a real plan. i felt so proud of myself the dr put it on me and i put it back on him and if he doesn’t do anything about the situation shame on him. just moving out is the easy way of doing no work and without any money, job to pay for a place to live and no friends or other relatives to stay with that’s not a realistic or helpful suggestion. i feel anxious today but watching tv and i got good sleep last night so i feel a lot better than yesterday.


    • Oh god I’m so sorry to hear this! Family stuff is THE hardest thing to deal with because unlike other people, they are linked to your life and you can’t easily get away. Especially when it’s going on at home so you can’t even get away physically for a few days. If you need to talk more, email me I do hope your Dr and Dad can sort something soon. Thinking of you today xx

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      • yea i’ll add your email and write to you. this feels its just a case of neither my dr, dad or therapist want to do anything about it. my sister needs treatment and a new dr. it makes no sense to me my dr is not focusing on the crimes being commited in that eldery people are being hurt and i am being threatened. my mental health should not be worsened by jane. ill write you just pisses me off if they want to try to put me in a treatment center or hospital its messed up because i am not the one going through an episode i am not the one hurting people.


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