The Matrix Is Real – Are You Ready To Be Unplugged?

Happiness is different and unique to each and every one of us. For me, my happiness relies largely upon how free I feel.

My opinion on how free we truly are, is somewhat unpopular largely because it makes people feel uncomfortable. My view that we are nothing but slaves to our 9-5 work schedules, paid barely enough to actually live our lives to it’s fullest potential, is not one those in head offices around the large conglomerate companies around the world would want their ‘worker ants’ to agree with.

Those ‘queen bees’ profiting from all the hard-working people trapped in this commercial beehive called our society, are able to live outside the facade of freedom.

I am not saying those people haven’t had to work hard at some point in their lives. But having experienced both sides of this coin, I know which kind of work I would rather do. Conference calls from a private jet, mind mapping over brunch on a yacht, certainly beats being scolded like a school child over having your phone out during a time that is not deemed as your break.

The Matrix

In a time deemed as our most advanced and privileged than ever before, with people having more choice over how they want to lead their lives, it is in a way sad to note that there are more cases of depression, anxiety and general dissatisfaction than ever before. Consumerism has taught us not to be satisfied simply by what we need, but to think about the things we want. This has opened a Pandora’s box; never-ending opportunities have resulted in a lack of certainty of whether our choices are the right ones.

This wouldn’t matter if we were actually at a liberty to experience more of what life has to offer. Make choices that didn’t revolve around what colour we will decorate the living room next. But what we have become, or been turned in to, is a nation who define ourselves by the things we own. And in this way, we have been turned into slaves to money and our possessions.

The message by those fat cats sitting on their thrones in those corporations is clear; the more you own the happier you will be. And it’s how we live. Get better jobs, earn more money so you can buy more stuff and carry on feeding those hungry bees.

I have never felt more free or been happier than when I went travelling with nothing but what fitted in a 50l backpack, and the adventure of not knowing where I could end up the following day.

It is for this reason I have embarked upon this journey. A journey that will hopefully give me the freedom to decide for myself exactly what I want my life to be. A life without limits put upon me by a system not interested in my well-being.

I have chosen to take the red pill.

I would like to thank all of you who have kept on reading my blog and written to me. You have given me the confidence to keep going and believe that dreams can come true. Keep dreaming and never stop believing and fighting for a better life for yourselves! 

3 thoughts on “The Matrix Is Real – Are You Ready To Be Unplugged?

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  2. Why do we think so much alike, that’s really scary you know. 😦
    But for me, I’m better off as a worker bee.. I do better when someone tells me what to do, I procrastinate too much and will never get things done. I’m also too nice so I’ll never make it as a boss. Firing someone? Someone grab me a tissue!

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    • Aww thanks for reading and yes it is scary! That’s another thing I have issue with – the fact that to be successful in the corporate world, you have to become nasty. Women aren’t allowed to be women, we have to act like men to successful. You’re fine as you are 🙂 xx

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