Primark, Matalan and Boots – What I Purchased

As per request from one of my lovely fellow bloggers, here are some pictures of items I bought yesterday.



I’ve been looking for some jeggins for ages but always have the size problem. Everything’s too tight around my bum and thighs, and too loose around my waist (yay for the day fashion catches up with the new Kim Kardashian figure trend!) These were only £7!


I’ve needed a new bag for a while. I don’t really do bags but it was time. This one at £10 should do for the n ext few years!

This top was super cute on - one of those 'it could look great or look rubbish' items. For £4 it was a no brainer!

This top was super cute on – one of those ‘it could look great or look rubbish’ items. For £4 it was a no brainer!


£5. Lightweight. No brainer.


This was one of my more experimental items. It was a lot (for me) at £6, but over a bikini top it looked really cute.


I have a thing for high-neck tops. This one I ummed and ahed over, but at £4 I thought ‘Why not?’


3 pairs of sunglasses might seem excessive. But at £1 each, 3 pairs seems almost too few!


Something for the fiancé…the geek. He loved them of course. £3

I also bought 3 t-shirts for when we go travelling. These were only £1.80

I couldn’t find any shorts that fitted me. The 10s were too tight around the thighs, the 12s too tight around the bum and the 14 too loose around the waist. Sigh.



Contouring. The makeup must have of the moment. Hen weekend face sorted 🙂 At £5 from seventeen (Boots own brand) I thought it was worth a buy and try.



When I look for makeup, I like items that show you how to use the product, like this Maybelline palette. Eyes sorted for £5 🙂


It was 3 for 2 at boots, so as I accidentally bought a brown instead of black mascara a few weeks ago, I threw this in as well. £6 from Seventeen.



I always need bikinis that are separate because the bottom half need to be bigger (I’m a pear shape). The were £10 per bikini (£5 per item). I also got 2 pairs of flip flops for £4!

So there you have it. Quite a few things and ultimately I am happy with the trip.

22 thoughts on “Primark, Matalan and Boots – What I Purchased

  1. Looks like a fantastic shopping trip! I especially love the bag you bought. I just bought a new small purse for walking around when I’m traveling so I don’t have to haul around the giant purse I use everyday. I also did some shopping over the weekend mostly for home stuff like candles and tea, some of my favorite things.
    I love shopping, sometimes a little too much 😉

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  2. Those are some very nice items Dani! I love Spring buying there a lot of good deals online right now hard to pass up. I am close to my birthday so I went a little overboard with the wrestling dvds but its good to ensure you have a fun birthday and get what you want. I got plenty of spring and summer clothes actually in the winter some were bargains others pricy.

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  3. I usually use 1 bag untill it’s completely ruined. But for now, I have 3, 1 for summer, 1 for when I’m on vacation and 1 for every day use. Plus 2 that were given to me, but they’re clutches so they can only hold a phone and a wallet.
    I’d wear that red dress. Nobrainer indeed. ❤
    And bikini shopping sucks. Sucks so bad. Sucks. Sucks. Sucks.
    I can see you wear that high neck top though. Would look pretty with your hair down. :3

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