My Hen – More Pics!

Hello lovely readers! As you will have seen from my earlier hen post, I was in the full swing of things on Saturday night! I thought Id share a few more pics with you 🙂


My outfit from Missguided for my surprise meal with my friends on the Friday night.


The amazing surprise Spa – perfect for chilling before night time shenanigans!


My outfit for the night out in Nottingham. I wore black while all my hens wore white. This dress was also bought for me which I adore! Also from Missguided (of course)


In this game I had to answer questions about my fiancé. If I got it right I drank one, if I got it wrong I drank two…hang on. Think I may have gotten stitched up here!


So this game involved two groups in which a wedding dress had to be made out of loo roll. My group didn’t win…


Hooters fun!


Really enjoyed the club we were in although I had eaten far to much at Hooters! 

All in all I had a wonderful few days 🙂

I have 700 emails to catch up on so please bear with me while I make my way through them! I also have some lovely American friends visiting so it may take me a little longer than usual but I will respond to emails/comments etc soon 🙂

Dani xx

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