I Survived…


An ambiguous statement, but true. I’ve survived suicide attempts (both my own and that of family members), self-harm, domestic abuse of a parent, depression, anxiety, bulimia and more.

I remember feeling so alone and like a freak for being different to everybody else. I founded The Unmarked Road to share my story, in hope it gives comfort to those going through hard times and struggling with their thoughts and emotions.

Your past does not have to define your future.

No matter how dark things appear, there is always a light. I know this because I have come out the other side of some of the deepest depth of despair imaginable.

Through sharing our experiences, we can end the stigma of mental health together. I welcome all of you to share your stories with me.

Dani xx

2 thoughts on “I Survived…

  1. I think that is very brave of you to share such personal stories with everyone! I did not experience something similar myself. However, someone in my family committed suicide a long time ago. Even though I never knew that person I know how it can create tensions, distrust and the “blame-game”. I think what you are doing is the right step for a more open society. We should talk about these things and why the happen and what WE can do to prevent this happening. Often mental illness is not taken seriously, but it should.

    I wish you a happy life full of laughter & love and people to stand by you in the darker times.
    XX, JMK

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    • Thank you for such a thoughtful comment JMK! It was a scary one to post! Above all, I want to show people how different life can be, even with a past like mine. I love my life now; I’m getting married, going travelling…I never imagined I could be this happy when I have seen such dark times! Take care xx

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