The 3 Minute Memoirs – Anxiety And Spending Money

Whenever a large sum of money leaves my savings account I have huge anxiety issues! I don’t seem to think about what I’ve gained, I focus on what I’ve lost and that isn’t right. Because getting married, going travelling – those are experiences I will treasure for the rest of my life. Long after the money hasΒ gone.

10 thoughts on “The 3 Minute Memoirs – Anxiety And Spending Money

  1. Hi Dani I really relate to this post. I have bad spending sprees. I want to buy a bunch of dvds currently I already have just for the cover art. The dvd lot is 200 bucks way too much and I already have them recorded. I just stopped myself from that trainwreck and decided to put money in savings so I have some money I can’t get too. And I am not buying that lot just going to save my money. I am also looking at a videostore that is going out of business. The dvds there will go cheapier and cheapier as the month passes. It’s important to manage your money and save for a rainy day. Sometimes I do great with managing money other times I shoot myself in the foot with foolish spending.

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    • Hiya! Yeh every time I spend lots of money have horrible guilt and ruminate over it so much! Must be an anxiety thing! The fear of having nothing πŸ™‚ Hope you’re well xx

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