How To Restore Your Enthusiasm

You’ve found your passion and you’re lucky enough to try and make it into a career. But how can you ensure you don’t lose that adrenaline fuelled excitement and drive that you had at the beginning?

Working from home sounds like the dream gig right? Well, to be honest, I can’t really complain. The FREEDOM I’ve always craved to design my own life, I’ve now got (lack of earning a wage being a bit of a barrier of course). But like with everything, making your passion into ‘work’, can have its drawbacks and you may find that:

  • You lose sight of why it is you’re doing what you’re doing
  • You become isolated which alters your perspective in a negative way
  • You start to doubt yourself and if you will succeed

But how can you turn this around?


Socialise with like-minded people

I am never more comfortable than when I’m sitting at home behind my computer screen. The thought of leaving the house makes me a little anxious, and not being forced out to work in an office everyday, does nothing to alleviate this fear. I get comfortable at home because it feels safe and no one can see me. If no one can see me, no one can judge me.

However doing this can have adverse affects on your ‘reality’ and your perception of your situation. I have left the house of course, but often to do the shopping, or take a solitary walk in the fields. The fresh air is a fantastic way for getting the creative juices flowing, but talking to yourself and not to like-minded people means you are massively restricting the information you receive and you’re left with your own opinions only. You start to give more power to your thoughts because those are predominantly what you are dealing with on a day to day basis and this can lead to self-doubt and pessimism.

Going out and speaking to like-minded people will help you to regain that perspective and objectivity which you need in order to bring new life to your work.

Attend Events And Network

Recently I attended a job fair in which one of the presentations was about building your own business. The speaker, Aimee Holland, started her own business Grow My Profit 4 years ago. Like me, she lost her job and decided she wanted to become self-employed. When she asked if anyone else was trying to turn their passion into a business, I put my hand up. You all know how shy I am, but today I decided to put myself out there, just like Aimee went on to say you need to do.

As I spoke about my passion and my site, she said “I can see the passion in your eyes” and something inside of me sparked up like a match. When a young man came up later to ask me for the web address of my blog, I suddenly came alive, talking about what I was trying to achieved and what The Unmarked Road is all about.

Alive; Feeling this way made me realise that my passion has been dwindling a little bit day by day because I had forgotten why I am doing this. I had forgotten how important it is to connect with people and not just hide behind the screen. Writing is easy.

Networking will not just remind you of why you love what you do through social interaction, it will help to get your name out there, not just to potential clients, but for potential business opportunities. You just never know who you might come into contact with. It might be the one thing that changes the entire course of your journey.

Ask For Help

I approached Aimee after her presentation and booked myself in to a 1-2-1 with her. I am so hugely excited about this and find it incredible to see how someone like her is reaching out to people like me to try to help them achieve their dreams. Because that is what I aspire to do. I want to help people realise their potential. To dream big and achieve more than they thought possible, especially if blighted by mental health issues.

Asking for help is difficult because we are putting ourselves in a vulnerable position where someone may turn around and tell us our ideas or dreams are absurd or ridiculous. But without asking for help, we might never learn the things we need in order to achieve our ultimate aims and objectives. No one become an expert without help.

Aimee now comes to see me every few weeks to see how I’m doing and to help me get back on track.


Losing spark and motivation is frustrating but does happen. You wonder where all that energy has gone from when you first started on your journey. But today I keep thinking about perseverance. I can get disheartened when things don’t happen quickly; my life’s fast-moving by my own design, needing constant stimulation and challenge, so it’s incredibly hard for me not to move on if I feel like something isn’t working.

But perseverance is probably one of THE most important things to learn. Because sometimes you need that extra time to learn the lessons, to become better. It is about the journey, not just the destination.

I came away from the event with a completely new lease of life. I couldn’t wait to get home and write about it. As always, I try to teach as I learn. I’ll never know anything and will never pretend that I know exactly what I’m doing all of the time.

But I do know this. When your passion is so intense it doesn’t let you move on with life until you give it the attention it deserves, you better make sure you know how to reignite that flame when it threatens to go out. 

13 thoughts on “How To Restore Your Enthusiasm

  1. This post was what I needed this morning. I found myself awake last night asking “What am I doing with my life?” This question is of course accompanied by anxiety. I have definitely lost sight of why I’m doing what I’m doing in my life. This post gave me some great tips and most importantly reminded me I need to persevere. 🙂

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