Success Without Struggle – With Deepak Chopra

Just as always, a little message has come from the Universe at the exact right time. This little beauty has just popped into my inbox from the world famous Deepak Chopra, and as it’s something I feel quite strongly about I thought I’d share it with you. Enjoy 🙂

Does your life feel overwhelming and chaotic more days than not?

Do you find yourself using sheer willpower to accomplish your life goals and wish you felt fueled by inspiration and joy instead?

Do you have a sense that letting go of the stress and easing up on your nonstop effort would only mean giving up everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve?

If so, this might be the most important life lesson you ever UN-learn ‒ that success has to be earned by working very, VERY hard.

As we were growing up, most of us were taught to believe that we have to work hard for what we want.

And we do. We don’t take lunches. We rarely relax. We neglect our health. We aren’t present for our children, our partners or ourselves.

We’re stressed out and exhausted yet we just keep pushing.

In spite of all our stress and struggle, most of us aren’t experiencing real fulfillment and success. We feel disconnected from our true selves and no closer to the life we’re meant to live.

This fruitless path of stress and struggle is what Deepak Chopra calls the epidemic of our time.

To help you discover a new, more joyful way to create what you want in life, Deepak is inviting you (at no charge!) to Success without Struggle: 7 Keys to Doing Less and Having More, a Chopra Center online event featuring Deepak himself.

It’s a remarkable, one-hour look into a completely different approach to getting what you want out of life with less struggle and more ease.

Register now at absolutely no cost to you.

In just one hour on Wednesday, June 3rd, Deepak will show you how to:
Achieve more in your life with astonishing speed and ease – using 7 powerful principles for effortless success.

Let go of your anxiety-based overwork – and experience the profound sense of wellbeing that comes from doing less and having more.

Navigate setbacks in life – with easy-to-master techniques to keep cultivating the life you want even in the face of uncertainty or failure.
Of course, you can continue on the painful path of trying to create the life you want through stress, struggle, effort, and frustration. You can stay fully committed to the idea that success has to be hard-earned.

But what if it doesn’t?

What if you could live in a world where less effort, less struggle, and less stress actually meant you could achieve more?

Through Success without Struggle: 7 Keys to Doing Less and Having More, you’ll discover little-known, universal truths that explain why our “work harder” mentality is not only NOT getting us where we want to go, it’s actually the very thing that blocks us from it.

You won’t want to miss this rare chance to join one of the most prolific, best-selling authors and thought leaders of our time, Deepak Chopra.

Get free access to Success without Struggle now.

Put down your burden of striving ‒ and start measuring your success by how effortlessly and joyfully you create the life you really want.

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