New Mile Stone And A Massive Thank You!!

Firstly, and most pressingly, this awesome little blogger wrote the most wonderful and beautiful little post about me. Such amazing kindness ‘just because’ has made me (almost) speechless so a massive thank you to you miusho for doing something that’s really made a difference to me today 🙂

Secondly, and most definitely due to the first point, I have reached a new milestone!

The blogging world is such an amazing supportive community, something I never really imagined when I started back in February and I would like to take this opportunity to tell all of you how incredibly honoured I am to be walking on this Unmarked Road with you.

Thank you for never letting me walk it alone.

Dani xx

14 thoughts on “New Mile Stone And A Massive Thank You!!

  1. How nice of Miusho to talk about you in her blog. I read some of her and she sounds a lot like you, has the same problems (her wedding coming up, etc.) and that kind of support is great. I have no idea how people count how many ‘hits’ they have and how to expand that, but I suppose your readers will have a look at her blog and her readers look at yours and you both get a lot of new readers – and it’s just really nice when somebody tells the world that your blog is worth looking at. I have to agree. Both of you have great blogs! xx

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