‪100 Happy Days‬ – Day 1

As per the happiness challenge I posted yesterday, here’s my day 1 entry!

Even though I realised I didn’t want the hairstyle I thought I did for my wedding, I did find one that looked awesome and is a bit like this:


12 thoughts on “‪100 Happy Days‬ – Day 1

  1. Dani you would look beautiful in any hairstyle. How has your day been? Today was a turning point for me I have been having some health problems so I decided not to renew my volunteer job contract with the theater. I got 3 shifts left and will gain the important reference then just move on to address my health problems.

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    • Morning Dan! I had a good day yesterday, thank you 🙂 I think it’s very smart to have recognised a need to work on yourself. Most people blame outside influences which is why they never get healthier. I hope you’re ok though 😦 Let me know if you need to chat x

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      • Yea sadly not everyone has been understanding telling me if you work an extra two months it looks better on the resumee not listening to the fact i am unwell. and other people who have anxiety thinking their anxiety is the same as yours. some anxiety is very severe i had it bad tonight. people tell me the next job will be harder but i doubt it will if my anxiety is under control and i am not having bathroom problems all the time during my job. i might need an adjustment on my meds, take time to look into bathroom problems and work on my diet. i think i have achieved my goal of getting a good job reference i think 2 months work there instead of 4 makes little difference if it does i dont care my health comes first.

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        • It amazes me how people feel they have a right to force their opinions on to others. You know what is right for you more than anyone else and it’s great you’re listening to your body rather than to everyone else.

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          • Yea seriously Dani don’t get why people force it on you and be unsupportive. It’s a support group yet some of these peoples arent being supportive at all. Yea I am smart and best move for me, I got a lot achieved this year already by gaining this reference. I think I need a break to get myself back on track.


  2. I remember this one, we had a look at it, and it IS stunning. I copied it onto a n A4 Word page and it a dream. The only disadvantage of the photo is that it doesn’t have a full-frontal view and I fear the hair strands falling from the central parting to both sides over your forehead may cover your cheekbones which would be a pity. But the playfulness, the braids and flowers are definitely something to use. 🙂 xx

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