The 3 Minute Memoirs – None Anxious Shop!

Such a great day! When something that usually makes you anxious (like shopping) gets done without anxiety having a chance to rear it’s head, it can mean the whole of the rest of the day goes smoothly.

How did I do that you might ask? Well we were in a rush so I literally just went in to get what I needed. No chance for the anxiety to take over!


One thought on “The 3 Minute Memoirs – None Anxious Shop!

  1. Looks like you’re already doing what I just suggested you should do. Good weather makes SUCH a difference to how one feels, it always amazes me even though I have known this for the last 40 years. It still catches me unawares and it was lovely and sunny here although a bit cold (only 21 degrees) but blue skies and trees in bloom everywhere. If I take notice of these things I immediately feel better, And when the weather is foul I just bury my nose in a book. As Daddy said yesterday, I am blessed that way because I can always lose myself in a book and if it isn’t warm and sunny here, I choose a book which is situated in a warm and sunny place. Well, not quite like that but I can shut out bad weather. So keep soaking up the sun every day as long as you have it where you are and let it work its magic on you 🙂 xx ❤

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