Nature Is My Therapy!

Whenever I’m outside with nature, I feel so at peace and centred. The space and time to think mean I now take a dictaphone (well an app on my iPhone) with me and just talk to myself as I walk! We don’t get a lot of sun in the UK so I try to get out into the sunshine as much as possible – especially as I am prone to SAD (Seasonally Affected Disorder) and usually spend this time of year wanting to hibernate, so keep giving me that sun!

There are not many things so pure and natural that can help lift you out of the fog that builds in your mind, be it self doubt or uncertainty about the future; Its like nature’s own little guided meditation and I always come back with clarity and full of ideas! I absolutely hate exercise and will do anything to avoid the gym, but I think it’s important to do something active to keep a healthy body to endorse a healthy mind also; I don’t think you can fully have one without the other. And so as one of my many rituals that I am incorporating into my daily, weekly and/or monthly routines, I’ll endeavour to¬†continue to go out as often as possible. No matter how much the lazy bum inside me is screaming that she’d rather stay in the office with a cup of coffee! Surely these pictures prove it’s worth it – there really is nothing like feeling literally on top of the World!

Countryside Walk

Nature Walk