Are You Smarter Than You Were Ten Years Ago?

When approaching a new decade, in my case the big 3-0, you start to look back at your journey over the past 10 years.

My 20s have been an insane mix of highs, lows and everything in between. I would go as far as saying I will always remember my 20s as the decade I lost, and subsequently found myself. A bit of a blip in the tapestry of my existence that I am glad to leave behind, whilst incredible grateful to have come out the other side of, half as sane as I did!

So what would I tell the young, angst ridden 20 year old full of anxiety and fear about the future? The one who felt cursed and like a freak with no chance of leading a normal and happy life? (apart from how to dress and do her hair obviously).

I would tell her to stop worrying so much; that it will all work out as and when it needs to.

Doesn’t that then follow that I should follow my own advice now, so that I don’t look back in another 10 years and tell myself the same? Do I want to look back when I’m approaching 40, wishing I’d spent less time worrying and more time enjoying the awesomeness of every moment?

Because the here and now is all we have. Worrying about the future is completely pointless, because most of the time, the things that we are anxious about, don’t exist or don’t happen. It’s a lot of wasted energy that could be put into something that serves us in a much more positive and beneficial way. One that will make us look at the last 10 years and go ‘hell yeah, I owned that decade!’

What would you tell your younger self? Have you learnt from it, or are you still making the same mistakes, still worried about the same thing? Let me know 🙂

Young me

Me 10 Years Ago!