I’m embarrassed to admit it…

…but I compare myself to everyone else’s stats. I am so ridiculously grateful for ever single like/comment/follow, and I know I am not doing this for any sort of recognition, but checking the stats can lead to some pretty destructive thought patterns. I look to see how long it took someone to get to a certain level, as if it’s going to make me feel better about not achieving the kind of stats that I would consider as successful.

Inevitably one of two things happens.

  1. I am placated as I realise I have raised the bar ridiculously high for myself and am doing fine.
  2. I see someone who has achieved DOUBLE the followers in the same timeframe and I’m plunged into self-doubt.

I have therefore decided to no longer share my stats. This isn’t because I don’t want to continue to share my story, failures and success, I just don’t want this to become about the figures. I don’t want to incite triggers to others either.

If anyone is interested in my stats (although not sure why it would), please feel free to message me directly.

Dani xx

18 thoughts on “I’m embarrassed to admit it…

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  4. Hi guys Im new here and I dunno how long have u been blogging. Most of my posts are read but rarely liked. It’s Never a problem. For me I know the starts are always tough …. Do what u think is right and wonders will follow


  5. I don’t compare anything because I’m really just blogging for myself first and I like taking my time getting somewhere. I don’t like to rush things and feel that the long, difficult road is the more stable and long lasting one. 🙂


    • I think the reason I compare myself is because of the pressure I’ve put myself under. I can only do this for a limited time before I have to abandon doing my passion full-time and apply for a soul destroying desk job :(. xx

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  6. I’m exactly the same. If I write a post and it either gets none or few likes, it makes me feel disheartened and like my post wasn’t worth reading. But I know that is just my lack of confidence, rather than anything else. I often scroll through my feed and enjoy reading a post but don’t click the like button, so now I’m making a concious effort to click like to show a bit of appreciation for some good posts!

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    • It’s so hard when you’ve put your heart and soul into a piece and it gets nothing, and then you do a quick update piece that took 10 mins and it gets lots of engagement! Like you said, it’s our own confidence. We’re so afraid of our doubts about ourselves being true that we almost look for proof! Instead of concentrating on the positives. Thank you for making a conscious effort on my post 😀 xx

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  7. I think it’s natural to compare. I do it – but I appreciate every stat I get because I truly didn’t think anyone would be interested in what I have to say.
    Just write what you want to write and those who want to read will, I’m staying and I’m sure many others are. Don’t beat yourself up 🙂

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    • Thank you so much Christina. Every positive stat I get, makes me get ridiculously excited and am so grateful to all my followers, but it’s horrible when you lose one and you have no idea why lol. But I guess that’s all part of it. Hope you are having a great day today 🙂 xx

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